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Northern Lights


Is only necessary when your destination is certain but the path to get there isn’t clear to you

NOW Available for online discussions about Change Management, Change Leadership or Coaching


What is coaching? It's a conversation between two people, where one person (the coach) acts as a sounding board for the other person (coachee). In this relationship there must be trust. The coach must be trusted to ask the right questions at the right time. The coachee must be trusted to be honest and want to change their behaviours and thought patterns. 

Two people in a coaching relationship need trust, honesty and total confidentiality. This is what we offer. We will listen to you and enable you to work through your current thought barriers.



What is Change Management? It is the art of enabling staff to come along the journey of change. Pair this with Change Leadership and you will have a winning combination for success. We bring in expertise and ideas, to make a success of your vision for your workplace. We are here for you. We will provide recommendations based on your exact stakeholders and circumstances. We can provide direction on what has worked in the past, to see if it will fit with your future.  We will work with your leaders to ensure they understand their role in driving change. 


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