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Change Management and Change Leadership are needed on any IT project or change to an IT System. Many try to implement systems without a Change Manager, but then they notice things haven't gone as well as they could have. 

Change Management is the art of enabling staff to come along the journey of change.  For most people change is a difficult topic. No-one really likes change, do they?  Think about the stress of moving house, we want to limit the stress of change for your staff, as much as we can.

We think that the answer to reducing the stress of change, is to give everyone as much information and notice as possible, at the relevant point. Ensuring that their managers and leaders understand the importance of the changes and are able to provide support and leadership for those changes.

To begin with we would talk about the reasons for the change, this is called 'The Vision'.  Once people have heard about the changes coming along, they can start to prepare themselves. This process involves workshops with senior leaders and project sponsors to understand their reasons for the project and the benefits they are expecting. This vision might be different for each time, for example a sales team usually will respond to a vision involving revenue improvements, while an operations team may prefer an efficiency or productivity message.  This work must be done upfront, before the Change Management program starts. Without this vision, there will not be success.

We would write a Change Management strategy for you to show you how we will manage the change for you.

Change Strategy consists of a review of the proposed changes and outcomes and documents the change approach.

The following documents are provided:

  • The Vision

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Change Impact Analysis

  • Training Plan

  • Communication and Engagement plan

  • Communication Schedule

Once the planning phase has been completed, our Change Management approach moves into a delivery phase, whereby the above plans are put into action.

Change Management Activities we can provide are:

  • Change Leadership coaching

  • Change Champion coaching

  • Communications planning and execution

  • Engagement activities

  • Training documentation creation

  • Training session scheduling

  • Training delivery 

  • Change Readiness measurement 

  • Adoption


Once the changes have been delivered, we need to move into a reinforcement or adoption phase. It is very important not to lose momentum, and ensure that any new behaviours are embedded and adapted where needed. 

Free introductory discussion on Change
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