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What is coaching?

It's a conversation between two people, where one person (the coach) acts as a sounding board for the other person (coachee). In this relationship there must be trust. The coach must be trusted to ask the right questions at the right time. The coachee must be trusted to be honest and want to change their behaviours and thought patterns. 

Two people in a coaching relationship need trust, honesty and total confidentiality. This is what we offer. We will listen to you and enable you to work through your current thought barriers.

Our coaching  style has been formed & developed over many years of work and life experience, as well as with formal training from the IECL.

The coaching approach is based on a Solution Focused Approach and the GROW model, but takes aspects of the following approaches:

  • Psychodynamic approach,

  • Cognitive Behavioural Coaching,

  • Gestalt Approach,

  • Existential Coaching  

  • Transpersonal approach andMindfulness.

How coaching sessions work...

One on one Professional coaching – for the professional that wants to review certain self identified behaviours or boundaries.  For those people looking to spark their thinking.

These can be delivered virtually using on online platform eg Zoom or skype.


  • Session length 60 mins

  • Session series, 1st session, setting expectations and boundaries, overall coaching goal

  • Sessions 2 onwards, each week focusing on a specific topic within the overall goal to provide openings to view current patterns differently

  • Session 6 review process and if continuation is requested or required

Free introductory discussion on Coaching
1 h
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