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Leading Mindfully

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

"Leadership author David Rock suggests that a key role leaders can play is to help others ‘think about thinking’—not just think themselves.

In any interaction this might include the following:

• Encourage and support others to do the thinking, don’t tell them what to do.

• Focus on their thinking, not the issue on the table, help them make new connections (these

may or may not be visible to you), put process before content.

• Remember to stretch.

• ‘Accentuate the positive’ by being appreciative, validating, affirming, recognising and thanking."

I found this in a book on Leading Mindfully by A Sinclair (2106 - book title Leading mindfully: How to focus on what matters, influence for good, and enjoy leadership more.)

This is exactly the kind of thinking that we focus on in our coaching programs. To book an introductory session, contact us via

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