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Tips for working from home due to Coronavirus lock downs March 31, 2020 Sheena Karim

With working from home becoming a norm, many people are finding it difficult to cope.  This is totally understandable.  However, I am actually really enjoying it, because I am following these top tips. These are my top tips for working from home: 1. Allow yourself a bit of space to sleep in and take advantage of not having to commute to work everyday. 2. Journal your thoughts every morning, and remember to think about what you are grateful for, I love my house where I live with my daughter and mother. I'm grateful that we are all safe and well.  3. Make sure you exercise, outdoors or indoors. Follow a program online. I follow my trainers from my gym and always post on their facebook after I have done the workout. This motivates them and me ( 4. Eat healthy, this one is obvious, but I do find its much easier to eat chocolate when I'm home, so I need to watch myself on this one. 5. Take regular breaks from work, even just walking to get a glass of water or cup of tea. Get up and move around. Sometimes you can even put that video call onto non-video and still respond while you are standing.  6. Make sure you stick to your core working hours, don't start letting work takeover your whole life.  7. Spend time with your loved ones, if you can. After work my daughter and I do something together, whether it is outdoors or indoors, we do something at the end of the work day. Overall, these are simple and obvious things to do, however my greatest belief is to take some time now to take things at a slower pace. Enjoy what you can, as I'm sure very soon we will back to normal and life will become very busy again. 

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