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Strengths finder

A really useful tool that we use in Strength Based Coaching is the Strength Finder. This one is called the High 5 Test. This is a quick, free and easy way to review your strengths.

Have a go!

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Did you know that resilience is best built up prior to you needing it? And that it can be built up using a daily task set by an App?  Well maybe you did, and maybe you didn't. Our coaching sessions may lead you to use the Driven Resilience App to build up your resilience. But for now have a go at their free test. 

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Understanding Coaching

Our coaching is based on the teaching of Growth Ops IECL who are leaders in coaching training. Our coaching is built upon world coaching standards by the ICF - the International Coaching Federation. To read these coaching competencies and understand more about coaching click this link.

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Change Management Research

Change Management is the best way to ensure your project is successful. The leading Change Management research can be reviewed here. This is provided by PROSCI who are the authors of the ADKAR model for communicating change. 

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